Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Chile, here I come !

Getting selected for the IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) was such an honorable moment as not all get such an opportunity. I cherished the moments when some eyes looked at me with pride and some with envy. Eagerly waited for an assignment … for two years. Finally, the email arrived on 24-Oct-2016. Yes, I remember the date :-). The assignment was in CHILE. YIPPEE!!!

The next few days was all about Chile :-).

“I have never been to this part of the world !”

“What language do they speak there?”

“What kind of clothes do they wear?“

“Oh … lets not forget the weather. That is most important. Is it too cold?”

Spent a lot of hours checking on flight connectivity from India to Arica, Chile. There were no routes less than 28-30 hrs.

Flashback (a year ago): Just back from an international trip and I vowed with vengeance “I am never getting on those long flights … never … EVER.” It was one of those ‘Cross my heart and hope to die’ moments. ;-)

(Vicugnas grazing in Arica, Chile)

Current (2016): “30 hrs ... thats it! Awesome!” :-)

Chile … here I come !


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