Thursday 13 September 2018

Cosmos and Me

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It is said that 'Self talk is a conversation with the Universe'. Here is an excerpt from the conversations with myself.

1. Who created this world?

WE did. We created this world. We all used to be together representing a single entity. We then entered a realm where change was the only way to survive. In other words, we became part of an expanse where anything that stops changing would eventually perish. Changing constantly as a single entity posed a big challenge. So we split some parts of us into multiple strands and created a sense of isolation (more of an illusion) to those strands of us, enabling us to express and act as an independent individual entity. However, we are always connected to the larger part of us, which we refer to as the Source or the Supreme. I visualize the cosmos as the source. The source is a repository of knowledge which we keep populating as we create new things as individuals. This new knowledge ensures change and helps us survive. So, the goal for these strands of energy is to create new knowledge and pour it into the repository.

2. How do we pour this new knowledge into the source repository?

Separation from the source is only an illusion to enable us to act on our own. The moment we create something unique, it will automatically get stored in the main repository.

3. When one puts the knowledge into the repository, is it accessible to the others?

Yes. But the knowledge base is huge, so you have to ask the right question or query to get the specific answer.

4. Are even the planets an illusion?

Yes, they are part of the illusion. Their purpose is to help individuals think beyond the obvious. It is one of the ways to expand the capacity of an individual.

5. What is the role of the spirits of the animals?

One strand of energy can further split itself and become independent to represent individual entities in this 3D world. Each entity referred to as a soul contains certain level of knowledge. Based on this, it manifests into a physical form capable of using this knowledge. This physical form could be a human or an animal. All of us have the same goal, accumulate new knowledge that is possible within our own capacities.

6. Why are we having so many natural disasters in the world?

We have explored 3D world to a good extent, and accumulated great ideas. But we learnt that the 3D world is not sufficient to implement some of these ideas. We need another dimension to be able to start something afresh. To accommodate this, Earth is going through a transformation.

7. What kind of changes is the new dimension bringing?

One of the key changes that I can think of is all of us having immunity to radiation. Another one could be that nature gives us an element that can replace the role of plastic or maybe give us a natural way to recycle it.

8. Why do we have an influx of thoughts all the time? Some thoughts are not even related to us.

Whenever we take a major decision like creating a new dimension, we need to enter into a group consciousness. Its a communication channel that connects all of us in this world of illusion. It simulates the way we were connected earlier as a single entity. This opens up pathways to allow thoughts to flow across to all in the network. We need more than half of the entities dreaming of the new dimension for it to manifest. So, thoughts from each entity flows into all entities in the network. It is the responsibility of each entity to process this bundle of information coming via thoughts and focus on the important ones. This is possible only through meditation which helps clear the noise in the incoming thoughts. At a subconscious level we know that we have to give prime importance to the new dimension and our focus is on it right now.

9. Can you please explain more about group consciousness.
Group consciousness is a telepathic way of communication within a group of entities. For example, the bees and ants work in group consciousness. Their communication is very quick and very synchronized. There is very less conflict. If a conflict arises, the entity with differing thoughts has the right to follow its own path. Free will is the basic right of all entities.

10. Do the animals play a role in decision making ?

Not all possess the ability to process that kind of information. However, some animals like elephants, dolphins and whales are equipped to participate in it.

11. Would humans and animals ever communicate like the way humans communicate with each other?
Each type of entity uses a certain range of frequency to communicate with each other. The communication is via a language of emotions or feelings. Hence, to communicate with an entity which is on a different frequency, you will have go beyond your survival instincts or habits and build an emotional relationship with them.

Entities of the same type do not prey on each other as they are emotionally connected. Predators on the other hand are on a different range of frequency and hence emotions do not come in the way when hunting or eating their prey. However, every entity has the option to change itself to connect emotionally with another entity.

12. What part do verbal languages play in all of this?
A verbal language was based on sound and vibration which can evoke an emotion. It is one of the greatest innovations added to our knowledge base post the isolation from the source.  

13. Some believe that the world is real. Some believe it to be an illusion. Why is there no consistency?
Both are true. The world can be viewed in two ways. One from the perspective of the individual who believes to be different from the source and another perspective is from the source itself. The source refers to it as an illusion as it creates it merely by projecting its thoughts. But the world is real for the individual entity, as it functions within the scope of the defined projection. When an individual becomes a spiritual seeker, he starts to see the world from the eyes of the source.

14. Why do we have so many representations of God?
In large organizations, we need many managers to manage work and employees. An employee interacts with his manager and follows instructions provided by him. These managers have one key responsibility -  guide the employees in the right direction. Similarly, entities who represent the Supreme leave behind a legacy of information and instructions for other entities.

15. So, we have one GOD like the CEO of an organization?
The Organization is GOD. This organization includes all entities. So, we all represent God at some level.

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  1. Hi Preethi. Excellent. Some things are beyond our limited minds and inaccessible to logic. The connectedness of the universe is much more apparent through our heart. Animals and birds are much more connected and in tune with the cosmos. The Russian birds that show up at Rangana Thitu don’t need google Maps to get there. The cosmos acts as their compass and map. Arun Hampapur

  2. Well done Preethu! Not easy to formulate these thoughts and put it in writing. Kudos! I think its so difficult for the mind to think and grasp the idea that there could be anything beyond what our senses experience.

  3. I appreciate your translation of this Toofaan song. I have been living in Canada now for 40 years - senior citizen now from the island Trinidad.

    1. Thank you!